Thursday, April 9, 2009


Dogwood trees in bloom have always reminded me of lace. I love the way the branches grow semi-horizontally, like arms embracing the spring warmth. This spring I've been especially aware of the redbud trees. I never knew the name of them until this year- seems they should be called purplebud trees (or at least pinkbud), but I won't argue.

This week is Spring Break for me. I've been enjoying it, but there is quite a lot more that I need to get done. There are papers to write, projects to complete, quilts to finish, and two (2!) houses to clean. I'll be glad when we're back in Chalybeate- at least there I only have one household to keep tidy.
Oh, summer, how I anticipate your arrival. I can do without the oppresive heat, but at least all my classes will be finished. I'll be glad to give my planner a bit of rest and get mixed up with what day it is. Is it Tuesday or Wednesday? Oh, who cares... it's a day to rest, play, read, and craft. I'm hanging on... eight more weeks.

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