Monday, April 27, 2009

Friday Afternoons

I know I've already gushed on and on about how much I love the Spring. In an attempt to be less "math-y" and more "art-sy" I bring you An Extended Metaphor (or An Extended Simile... I always get those mixed up.)

Spring is like Friday afternoon. You've finally made it to that blessed time where you can breathe a little easier. The hard work is over for a bit and you can relax for a while. The anticipation of what's to come is at its peak.

Summer is like Saturday. It's fun- fewer responsibilities, more stuff to do (and, if you're lucky, lots of days to sleep in .)

Fall is like Sunday afternoon. It's still pleasant, but oh so bittersweet. I try so hard to enjoy the Fall (and Sunday afternoons) but I know that it's almost over and my life is going to get frustrating soon. I spend much of Fall dreading what's to come.

Winter is ... let's not discuss Winter.


On a happy note, I think I may have an exciting job prospect. And on an ironic note, it has nothing to do with the last year I've spent in grad school. I keep telling myself that this year wasn't a waste... and since it's the Spring-time, I tend to believe what I want to believe. So, not a wasted year. Spring makes me a better person. [Or at least it makes me delusional.]

Same difference.


  1. so glad you have a blog! i enjoyed reading it...i've got to learn to knit, maybe you can teach me what you know to get me started...

  2. A simile is when you compare something using "like". A metaphor is when you compare stuff but you don't use the word like.

    Also, is Ellie giving me the sarcastic look?