Thursday, January 15, 2009

Walking the Plank

My internet surfing has dramatically changed since we started working on the house. I find myself checking craigslist multiple times a day for the perfect sofa/loveseat to replace the ones we have. Or I check for a stackable washer and dryer since we cut the laundry room in half. My newest obsession is with wood floors. I really love the wide plank look. Look at this:

It's just beautiful... and about four times more expensive that I can justify. These particular floors are milled from old boards reclaimed from barns. They have nail holes, saw marks, and lots of other imperfections like insect scars that make the boards incredibly pricey (but so pretty!)

On another note- the tin ceiling and appliances were delivered this week. Mike is going to start on the cabinets this weekend so I should have some pictures soon. Exciting, huh?

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