Saturday, January 24, 2009

Primer, Shrimer

To the casual observer, it may look like Michael is slacking off. He is, in fact, hard at work. I'm not sure who he's talking to in this picture, but I'm sure it is very important. Really.


In other news, painting the roof is taking alot longer than we had hoped. Who knew 1) it would take so much freakin' primer and 2) the weather would be so uncooperative. Let's total up the amount of primer purchased thus far:

2 gallons initially
5 additional gallons (after we realized it took 2 whole gallons on one side of the shed)
1 more gallon (just to be safe)

Guess what Michael said to me last night? I bet you can see this one coming... that's right! We need more primer!

The guys at the paint store already think I'm an idiot. I'm not going back there. I have my pride.

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