Sunday, January 18, 2009

True Colors

I've always known that picking a wall color is not the easiest thing. When we first moved in five years ago and I told Michael I wanted to paint the living room purple, he was unconvinced- and rightly so. It took me several attempts to find a color that wasn't too soft or too bold. I finally got it right and have loved this color ever since.

Picking a color for the tin roof should be easy, right? After all, it's not like I'm going to agonize over subtle shades of yellow, orange, blue, or even green. I knew I wanted red- it's a nice shade of red right now and it looks really good. How then did we end up with a color that looks less like "fire engine red" which is what I envisioned, but instead looks like it belongs on the head of a very scary clown?

I should have gotten one of the guys to go on the roof and get me a paint chip from the beginning so we could just match the color it currently is. Instead, I made the 40-minute drive to the paint store (the first of many such trips) and told the lovely Avi that I wanted to paint my tin roof red. At this point he probably should have given me some counsel and informed me that most people paint their roofs a color called Barn Red. (He held on to this information until my 4th trip.) Rather, he let me order $200 of paint that should not come in that color- why would exterior metal paint come in a color that is the preferred lipstick choice of prostitutes everywhere?

In my defense, it has always been difficult for me to imagine how the color on the 1 inch square color swatch will translate when painted on a wall. Or ceiling. Or roof. When I saw the new paint on the barn roof, I wasn't sure that it was the one I had picked out. It looked so bad.

The good news is that Avi is going to fix it for us. He's going to try to tint the awful paint to a color close to what we have right now. If he can't, he's going to take back the paint and start over. So, that's $200 not down the drain.

And finally, a picture of the tin ceiling- complete.

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  1. It's so fun to follow your Holm-made creation!
    You are doing such an incredible job. I can't wait to make it back out there and see it first hand. xo, Amy