Thursday, July 22, 2010

my, how he wiggles

In an effort to not get completely overwhelmed by the demands of being a new mom, I am going to try and work a little bit of creativity into each day. And I do mean a little. (By the way, blogging totally counts as a creative activity.)

Yesterday, during one of Jeremiah’s “awake” times (i.e., the 15 minutes between when he finishes nursing and I put him down for a nap), I tried to take some photos of him. One thing I’ve already learned is that even though he isn’t mobile yet, he moves a ton. I could not get a photo of him without his arms and legs failing about.

calendar out takes july 2010

This isn’t exactly what I’m going for. The photographer I took him to earlier this week has the right idea. She pretty much only shoots newborns that are asleep- really asleep. She spent an hour holding him and rocking him until he was completely out. Oh, and her studio was very warm (unlike my house which will never be warmer than 75 degrees in the summer.) Between the temperature, the loud heartbeat sound she had playing, and the rocking, she was able to get him in some really adorable poses.

I, on the other hand, was less successful. This is probably the best shot I got.

July 2010 bw

His arms are doing that crazy thing that reminds me of Wallace and Grommit (“No cheese, Grommit!”) Needless to say,  I will be trying again. I’m not sure how a grown Jeremiah is going to feel about all these baby pictures—I think I should at least try to make him look less silly.


  1. I love that you think about how he will feel about pictures when he's grown. I do that to. This may seem really corny, but I try to respect the man I know he will one day be in the things I post. I still can't resist posting Daniel's crazy dancing though. Even with arms flailing, those are cute pics. Why not capture him as he really is? Flailing active baby :)

  2. One of my mom's favorite pics of me when I was small was when I was nearly a year old. I was scowling and had this crazy expression on my face-- she told the photographer she didn't want it-- because some of the other ones were so much "better". The photographer told her to just take it-- because she would be happy to have it one day. And he was right! Take pics of him being cute, horrible, laughing, crying, etc... all of it is beautiful and all of it is precious! You will be so surprised how fast it is gone!