Thursday, June 24, 2010


The nursery is finally finished! Considering that this room didn’t even exist a few years ago, I’m mighty proud of all the work that Michael has done. It is exhausting to think about all the work that it has taken to get the nursery to where it is today. I’m incredibly grateful for my husband’s humble spirit and willingness to serve his family.



This is the dresser/changing table that Michael and Jonathan built. After looking for weeks on craigslist and not finding anything that particularly struck me, they offered to build me one. I’m incredibly blessed, I know.

fabric frames

These are some fabric “blocks” that I decided to frame. I briefly thought about making a quilt with the leftover fabric pieces from the crib sheets I made, but I quickly decided that wasn’t something I wanted to tackle. Instead, I thought I could use the fabric pieces like a collage and hang them on the wall.

Now, we just need a sweet little boy to arrive and the nursery will truly be complete!

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